A Different Kind of Christmas Gift

Everyone wants a piece of the gift giving season, and are you searching for the perfect gift? You may not know what to give those who are closest to you, and yet you have a unique opportunity. God’s amazing gift of life changing eternal grace is very poorly imitated by our efforts to give others a gift for Christmas. But, you can certainly step up your gifts from the usual trinkets and items that end up in the landfill!

Closeup of red gift box with ribbon on vintage wooden background

In reality, we are often unable to give the gift that most people need. The number two problem people face is MONEY. There is the minority, who have too much and it distracts them from their purpose on this earth, or the majority who have too little and they cannot make ends meet. Did you know that money conflict is the number one reason for divorce? You’re likely aware that most people also live pay-cheque to pay-cheque with little or no plan in place for their finances.

How do you help with this gap for those closest to you when it comes to this sensitive topic? Well, I believe, humbly and lovingly is the way to start. Recognize the fear and anxiety that money problems can bring are real and could easily be yours! By God’s grace you’ve been granted the wisdom and opportunity to change your thinking about money, so why not share truth and freedom with your family, friends, co-workers and even your employees.


It really could have been me….I grew up in that kind of home, where financial conflict crowded out greater purposes. I hope this isn’t your story and it would make my pain worthwhile if it could be used for the good of others. Thankfully, I learned to make different choices and have found an excellent strategy for others to follow. It’s not an invention of my own, rather it draws on wisdom found in God’s word and is carefully presented so that everyone can make a change for the better.


I’ve personally witnessed households use the principles to pay off $20,000 – $30,000 in consumer debt in 1 year. Then to get out of all forms of debt, mortgage included, with gazelle like intensity, in 7-8 years. I’ve given away around 300 copies personally of the book and CD.


Recently, someone I gave the book to 5 years ago, is now completely debt free. Three years ago, another friend gave a copy to a co-worker. She calls the book her missing piece of “specialized information on money”.  No one ever taught this to her at home or school or in life at work. She has now given away 28 copies.


It’s your turn now. If you’re a manager, business owner or team leader you have the opportunity to intersect lives at one of their points of greatest need. Productivity, personal happiness and team success improves when people have their finances in order. Dave Ramsey, in Total Money Makeover, thoroughly offers strategies for financial success but he doesn’t stop there. Eternity is respectfully addressed and thinking can change on the temporal problem of money to bring about the bigger questions about life and eternity. What is it all for? Why am I here?


That would be a great opportunity to follow with other great books like, How Good is Good Enough, by Andy Stanley.


You may not face money problems but the statistics are staggering about your friends, colleagues and many who surround you. Don’t let this season pass without taking a step to a lasting gift.


Consider buying copies in multiple formats; Cd’s for the men who are more often auditory learners often listening to the CD while driving. Women tend to read. That is why I give both a CD copy and a book version for maximum effectiveness….having given away almost 300 copies.


It’s time to bless others and give a lasting gift.

Order – Wrap – Give – Repeat!

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