Changed Thinking Changes Lives

Every time you read this blog I have the privilege of sharing my story with you. Starting off from humble beginnings every time I hear my own bio I wonder – is that really me? It’s always my desire that you will find something inspiring and helpful. Changed thinking changes lives!


When I finished university, I didn’t want a typical job. My dreams, ambition and high expectations resulted in a big problem – how would I make these dreams a reality? Where would I start and who would show me the way? I started a home building business but school didn’t teach me the best business practices to lead to future success.


Building the homes was the easy part….often the product you deliver is the easy part….it’s the “specialized technical information” of how to run a great business that is missing. That’s what was missing for me….specialized technical information. But how was I to acquire the skills I needed to get ahead?


I learned gaining wisdom would change my thinking and change my life.


Wisdom and thinking are important because thinking determines beliefs.


What I believe in my heart defines my purpose.

What I yearn for in my soul sets my goals.

What I delight in with my mind informs my plans.

What I do with my strength makes my actions.


Thinking ultimately determines outcomes.


I learned statistics from Canada and the U.S about how little the average person reads; how many of us are auditory learners and how much free time we have!


Knowing this I turned my truck into a “Rolling University” and listened to one book or “resource” every week to gain wisdom. By creating a “Success Library,” I could change my thinking. This has been my competitive durable advantage and my best business practice. Commuting is a reality. Studies show we’re stuck in traffic 32 days, or 240 hours per year, or 5 hours per week. Use this precious time to learn from other great leaders, inform your opinion on money management and gain new perspectives on life.



40% of what we do each day is habit. What are some of your habits? Can you create some new ones? I created a new one when I turned my commuting time into learning time, listening to leadership, business, personal finance, and personal development books on CD.


When it comes to money, various resources have helped me gain wisdom and understanding of personal and corporate finance. Knowledge is understanding information. Wisdom is connecting the dots and making sense of the information and being able to benefit from it.


Here’s my top resource list!


Work on your wisdom:


The E-myth: Why Most Small Businesses Fail and What to Do About it.

  • Work on your business, not in it



  • Everything you need to know about building and growing a business – but didn’t know who to ask


Evaluate your time


Strengths Finder 2.0

  • Understand individual strengths & spend 80% of your time in the strengths zone


The 80 / 20 Principle

  • Get more done… by doing less



Manage your money


The Millionaire Next Door

  • Learn the surprising secrets of America’s wealthy


Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

  • get out of debt, build wealth and become generous



Understand your life better



The Story Bible

  • understand God’s word and his plans for you



Gaining wisdom changed my thinking and changed my life. Everybody ends up somewhere. I wanted to end up somewhere on purpose. I had a vision of a better life and by God’s grace I want to continue on this path for his glory.

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