You Be the Hero (Part 2)

Last week I gave you a glimpse of an opportunity to be a hero! Is it a hero’s task? When 2.6 billion people lack adequate drinking water and safe sanitation and 3.4 million die annually from unsafe water and water related diseases?


Yes –  hero’s take on an impossible task and give it everything they have!


As a businessman, when spending money, my #1 question is : What’s my Return On Investment, my ROI? Whether it’s making a purchase, an investment or donating money.

Water well in forest

I visited Kenya, three years ago, and helped provide clean drinking water solution for two villages. And, yes, undoubtedly, the clean water provided saved lives. But was it a good return on investment? The cost of providing clean water to two villages was over $100,000. To some, this may seem a crass and calculating – why am I telling you $ amounts? Isn’t every life worth saving regardless of cost?


Humbly, I want you to learn from my experiences and be a better hero! There is a much better solution to the clean drinking water problem with a much higher return on investment.


Studies have shown that the most cost effective strategy to help the poor is still to get clean water to rural villages. There are many organizations attempting to provide clean drinking water for people throughout the world. Having since investigated many of them, I can find only one that creates such leverage and ability to multiply the impact of my giving.


What do I want you to know?

It’s about stewardship. For just $1400 Gospel For Asia (G.F.A) can provide a well for an entire village. By my estimate, save many many lives for only$1,400 dollars – that’s a remarkable Return On Investment.


Over the next 40 years, I think at least 25 people every year will be spared a tortuous death each year by having clean drinking water in their rural village in Asia. My numbers, based on countless hours of research on numerous websites for clean drinking water, are from just a few that have information about the issue.


Ted Lessons: Fresh Water Scarcity An Intro To The Problem

Living Water International

Flowing Streams Ministries

World Vision

Global Aid Network

Two World connected By A Well Story


Ready to be the Hero?

Start a campaign to raise $1,400. Why would you want to consider using GFA to help provide this solution?

1. They are the low cost leader. GFA hires a local contractor in South Asia using simple equipment to drill and install. Please visit Jesus Wells to watch a video, how one day’s work brought fresh, clean water to a dry, dusty village in Rajasthan, India. 

2. GFA has a proven track record.

3. Every $1 spent on water generates $8 as a result of saved time, increased productivity and reduced health care costs as per point #11 on this list.

4. The wells are drilled deep to withstand the intense summer heat.

5. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

6. You can use a Social Media Campaign with Gospel For Asia to spread the word faster.

7. You can make a difference and impact the destiny of a precious human being, which is vitally important.


As Christians, through the provision of clean water, villagers are open to hearing about the God who loves them and provides for their needs. Jesus Wells are installed alongside community churches where pastors share this good news to everyone who receives this life giving water.

You have the power to make a difference and change the world. One investment, one well at a time. 

Remember to buy all your Amazon purchases through the Resource Freak website. There’s a handy link at the top right of the site. The affiliate income earned will go toward drilling wells with Gospel For Asia. Together we can make a difference.

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