Start a change…Pass it on.

In the movie Pay It Forward a fictional social studies teacher gives an assignment to his junior high class to think of an idea to change the world for the better. Then put it in action.

Start a change...Pass it on.

One student passionately contrives a plan of paying forward good deeds for 3 other people. Choose the people do the good deeds. The story unfolds his actions which not only affects the life of his struggling single mother, but also starts a wave of human kindness that grows into a national movement to change the world.


A feel good movie that stirs in everyone who watches it the good intentions to put the concept into practice. It’s exciting to think that a small act on our part can have big and far reaching impact. But for many that intention just fizzles – it gets parked along with the other “someday” to-dos. That’s how it used to be for me. But I’ve learned something.


I believe changed thinking changes lives and changed lives can change the world. That is part of why I serve others by giving away a lot of life changing resources each year: mostly, CD’s of great thought leaders, conferences attendance, movies, audio books on MP3, and books. Total Money Makeover has resulted in many couples paying off thousands of dollars in debt in one year. The Millionaire Next Door has caused many couples to totally change their lifestyle and substantially increasing their net worth. Treasure Principle has helped many people store up treasure in heaven.


But like the student in Pay It Forward, I don’t want my one act to be the end. I want those to whom I give the gift to pay it forward – to pass it on. I want to encourage the recipient to be a good manager of the gift they’ve received. To have that book or CD or DVD parked on a bookshelf gathering dust is a waste of the gift.


In Acts 20:35 we read that Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We are blessed when we bless others.


So the next time someone gives you a book that is life changing for you, or you know could be for others, pass it on.  But ask the person to whom you give it to pay it forward 10 times, even if it takes weeks, months, and years. If they return it to you, still try to circulate it 10 times. Maybe they just weren’t the right candidates for the resource. Maybe they were but just don’t know anyone who could benefit from it. Think of resources that have given you meaning, purpose and hope. Order some. Keep these life changing resources in motion so others can benefit.


Imagine what we could do together to change the world? Be a good manager. Take a step and pay it forward to someone in your life. Share your life changing resources. Help serve others to find meaning purpose and hope.


We all want to make a difference and know our life matters.  Someday we will all have to give an account of our lives. You can change a life and change the world – will you?


Attitude:            What is your attitude towards asking others to be good managers?


Action:                Give a life-changing gift and encourage sharing it 10 times.


Question:           Can you think of people who need help with a life changing resource?


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