5 Principles for Life Change

In Acres of Diamonds, you can read a well known principle…..sometimes the opportunities you are looking for are right under your nose.


But it takes the right perspective. Are you brave enough to step out and look at your own opportunities in your own field? What will it take – it’s going to take planning and perspective.


One of my favorite quotes is;


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Prepare your mind. Read about something that interests you, or the industry you are now in. Learn your strengths and prepare for work you love.


Be open to possibilities. Conwell lists many ‘new’ inventions (new in the early 1900’s): the snap button, the cotton gin, the mowing machine. All were created by everyday people who found new approaches to everyday problems. Who Moved My Cheese.


Learn what people want then give it to them. Study the market and see what people are buying. Then let your product or service stands out by making it better. Think And Grow Rich


Knowledge is more important than money. Our mind is our greatest resource. In it resides all sense of creativity and imagination. Nothing has ever come into being unless it has been first believed in. The $100 Start-Up


Don’t compare yourself with others. Focus not on what others have but on what you have been blessed with.Taking Responsibility For Your Life. The comparison trap is exactly that – a trap! Don’t waste your life in the dreary shadow of someone else’s possessions, success and fulfillment. Renew your mind and grow as where God has planted you!


Resource:        Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell 

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