5 Principles for Personal Success

Recently there has been a trend in my life, where people I meet have one basic problem – they think “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”   Whether they are affluent or not, they feel trapped in their life and look with envy at those who are successful, fulfilled and inspired in their lives.


Is there a gap for you? Between where you are and where you want to be? Is your income and personal success lacking?

The solution may not be in changing jobs, going back to school, or in winning the lottery, but simply in “seeing” with new eyes what you already have. I didn’t come from a wealthy family, don’t have a lot of post-secondary education nor have ever, or wish to, win the lottery. I saw opportunity all around me and went after it. Opportunities in business and in a supportive family that were unearned, unmerited favor; I attribute to gifts from God.

How does perspective on your side of the fence and the opportunities you have been given affect you?


A thought from the Bible on this:


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Romans 12:2


I’ve found the grass is always greenest where it’s watered. Begin by recognizing how many opportunities you have. Apply yourself to the opportunities and see how the results will come.

Even if you don’t believe the Bible, a great resource that applies this idea and shows you where to find success is a short and easy to read book by Russell Conwell, Acres of Diamonds. Conwell was born in 1843 and published his book in 1914. It was based on a true story that affected him very deeply, as it has millions of others.


The book started as a speech to the 10-year reunion of Conwell’s Civil War troops. He gave the speech over 6,000 times using the proceeds of the talk to fund Temple University. Many attribute their success in life to Conwell’s speech (and subsequent book).


Conwell weaves a story about farmers and diamonds to illustrate a point: stop making excuses and open your eyes to the opportunities around you. The central idea of the work is that one need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement, or fortune—the resources to achieve all good things are present in one’s own community. It will help you see with new eyes that opportunities lie within your grasp and can lead to your own success.

Successful people want to have an impact and make people’s lives better by serving a need. Everyone can be inspired to learn to see possibilities all around them by reading Acres of Diamonds.


There are 5 principles of success we can learn and take action on from reading Acres of Diamonds. The list is in the previous post with links to other featured resources that highlight these key ideas.




Attitude:           Are you looking to make a change? Have you made a list of the opportunities that surround you now?


Action:               Read this book and increase your ability to see opportunities.


Question:         How can you increase your knowledge of your current job, trade, industry or profession so that you may become more successful right where you are?


Resource:       Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell

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