Brand: New – What Does Love Require Of You?

We all experience conflict in our relationships. We all behave in self serving ways that are intended for others but the motivations can often be “self”. Managers and employees, husbands and wives, children and parents all of us experience reactions between each other that result in conflict and disappointment. Desiring to respond as a caring and thoughtful husband, father, and friend I often disappoint me and others. How can this change?


I imagine you’ve found yourself in situations where you weren’t sure how to respond either. This is a tension we all face. We all experience situations where our reactions are incongruent with our intentions. There simply aren’t enough rules and guidelines to avoid every conflict.


But, could any author of the more than 66 different books in the Bible, boil it all down to one overarching principle that would make it easier to respond? Breaking something down to the bare essentials makes it easier for us to remember a core idea. Could the Bible have anything to say that would be inspiring, motivating, or helpful in responding to situations in life?


It turns out God provides one central principle to the Christian life. Even non-Christians, know what God wants. God wants love .


Love – God, your neighbor and even your enemies.


John was an eyewitness of the life of Jesus and encourages us with Jesus words.


A new command I give you: “Love one another. As I have loved you so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:34-35


Andy Stanley, the originator of this idea in the series Brand: New communicates a memorable, helpful way you can apply this in any and all situations. It will give you a brand new perspective. Ask yourself this simple modern day question.


“What does Love require of me?


When it comes to making decisions, Andy Stanley has given us similar simplicity in approach, in The Best Question Ever.


But in our behavior and reactions, since all of life is experienced with people, this is the best way to manage your responses to whatever comes your way!


“What does Love require of me?


Peace. Patience.


Your spouse is critical. You’ve said something. You’ve done something. You feel disappointed. Frustrated. How will you respond?


“What does Love require of me?


Kindness. Goodness.


Your child is caught in a lie. How will you respond?


“What does Love require of me?


Gentleness. Self-control.


It’s really all about how we respond to others in the moment. Body language: a smile, a hug, or a negative word, a frown. With time we might respond differently, but we can all learn to respond better by listening to Brand: New by Andy Stanley. Or just ask


What does Love require of me?


Imagine if we all began to ask this question before reacting. My wife might find me more conversational; responding without reacting. My son might comprehend my love for him and realize spilled milk is forgivable again. My friend would be encouraged as I listen patiently, not offering solutions.


Imagine what would happen in our relationships if all of us began to ask this question before we react. We would all be amazed how God speaks in our lives, giving us the wisdom to know what to do and the courage to do it.


Be inspired, motivated and helped by remembering…


“When you are not sure what to do, ask:

What does Love require of you?”


Action                Watch or listen to Brand: New by Andy Stanley.


Question           What have you found helpful in responding to situations in your life?

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