How To Start A Business For $100

Match you entrepreneurial spirit with reality! If you think that starting a small business is hard, think again. In our home building company we overcame three common obstacles; fear of failure, a perceived lack of money and lack of knowledge. How can I inspire you to start a business?

Reality today is society is being fundamentally changed by the impact of the Internet and the connection economy. 63% of 20 something’s want to start a business, but where do you begin?


The smartest man who ever lived, with a modern day estimated net worth of over one trillion, was King Solomon. His wisdom is recorded in the Bible, he said…

The naive believe everything… but a wise man looks well into a matter.

Proverbs 14: 15

If you are looking into how to start a business, begin by reading multiple books on entrepreneurship. Use this approach to eliminate the risk of starting down an unsustainable path. Risk is part of any business venture but avoid making common mistakes by learning from others.Start by looking at The $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make A Living, Do What You Love, And Create A New Future, by Chris Guillebeau.  Learn from the 1500 people who started their own business and his interviews with over a hundred who had succeeded. He concludes…

There are 3 simple steps:

1                 Find a product or service: what you sell

2                 Find people willing to pay for it: your customers

3                 Find a way to get paid: how you’ll exchange a product or service for money in the market

Of those surveyed the median money needed to start was $125. The average was $610.

My business began this way too. It was an evolution – not a revolution! No overnight wonders for me. I started a brick fireplace company for new homebuilders. It took me less than $1,000 to start. With my pick-up truck and all the tools from being a bricklayer during summer jobs at university, I was on my way. These experiences opened my eyes to the potential of homebuilding…

Start small. Think big.


The book will help you do three things;

1                 Overcome your fear of starting a business.

2                 Realize you already know enough about some marketable product, idea or service.

3                 Understand your perceived lack of funds should not stop you.


It will also inspire you to take advantage of the Internet. It’s a kick in the pants on how to start a business and helps you find your way once you begin. Most importantly, you’ll understand the money you have is enough. It gives you examples of practical experience, encouragement and inspiration you need to start small and think big!

Since only 1% of American businesses export, the appendix in the back of the book is useful for anyone asking how to start a business. Emulate featured businesses. Or businesses you find successful in other markets. Remember – start small – think big.

Will this be the start of how you reinvent the way you make a living?  Encouragement, motivation and hope come from realizing others have done it and you can too. This book shows you how.


Attitude: Has a perceived lack of funds been holding you back?

Action: Order this resource today and equip yourself to start a business

Share: What business would you like to start?

Resource:  The $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make A Living, Do What You Love, And Create A New Future, by Chris Guillebeau

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