Six Ways to Sell Your Ideas

Some stereotypes are almost impossible to escape. Think of all the sales industries that try to come up with names for their employees that mask their true identity! Executive consultants, advisors, experience managers, development directors…..the list goes on. A tacky suit and a pushy approach are usually equated with sales and regardless of venue we all push back against the idea that we are being “sold” something.

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In reality one in four of us are in sales or service industries. But so are the other three.


Whether we send email, sell something on eBay, pitch ideas to coworkers, are entrepreneurs enticing investors, or parents and teachers encouraging children to study, we spend up to forty percent of our days persuading others. Almost everyone is engaged in “non-sales selling.” As a result, we wrestle with the tension between selfish “selling” versus selflessly serving others.


Being a Christian I think there’s a basis for understanding this problem. Peter, who hung out with Jesus, provides illumination.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4:10


A great resource to help you understand the tension between selling versus serving is by author Daniel Pink. Its called To Sell Is Human; The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. It takes a fresh look at the art and science of selling. It redefines terms to help us understand we’re all in the business of motivating others. Everyone can learn how to sell and influence people more effectively by reading To Sell Is Human.


Selling boils down to using our strengths to be of service. Make the connection to change your perspective!  God wants to prosper us by being of service to others.


Spread your ideas, make a difference, start a new business or improve the world! One of the many things the book does is give you something better than an elevator pitch. Pink entertainingly teaches six successors to the elevator pitch.


  1. The One-Word Pitch. Write a 50 word pitch. Reduce to 25. Then to 6. One of those remaining is almost certainly your one word pitch.


  1. The Question Pitch. Form your idea into a question.


  1. The Rhyming Pitch. Use a rhyme to help people remember your idea. Use a rhyming dictionary like


  1. The Subject Line Pitch.         Write emails with utility or curiosity to help people read yours. Also learn to be specific. Not just a subject line like Improve your golf swing, but rather 4 tips to improve your golf swing this afternoon.


  1. The Twitter Pitch. Write out your idea in 120 characters so others can pass it along with their address so it doesn’t loose any content.


  1. The Pixar Pitch.         Pixar animation has given us so many memorable movies and all of them have a template the stories.

Once upon a time_____________________. Every day____________________.

One day____________________. Because of that _______________.

Because of that ______________________. Until finally, _____________________.


To help you understand these all-important pitches: for visual learners click here. Quick PDF explanation click here. For a 1.5 minute video of each click here.


This book is inspiring, encouraging and motivating.Imagine reading or listening to this book and using its information to help you sell. Everyone can learn how to sell and influence people more effectively by reading To Sell Is Human.


Attitude            Share your attitude to the word “selling?”


Action                Order this book and read or listen to it to help you learn how to sell and influence people more effectively.


Question           Would you describe your work as a way to serve others?


Resource          To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink

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