How to Experience Spiritual Growth

What is it in your life that has your attention? What is something that you crave and enjoy? Money? Fast cars? Sports? You can turn an inward focus, outward when you understand how God can use these for your spiritual growth. Do you crave achievement? What if you could learn to use these desires to serve others?


Desires are universal but we are individuals. Desires and God are linked in a unique way for each of us. What if we could learn to see them as having a God-designed foundation in our life?


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10


The creator of the universe designed you to do “good works… advance”. Spiritual growth in your unique path can come by reading The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg. Discover that “your life is God’s project, not yours. God’s vision for your life is not just that you learn you are saved by grace but that you learn to live by grace, flourishing with the Spirit flowing through you. The Me I Want To Be is an instant classic, a powerful guide to true spiritual growth, and an operators manual for building a Spirit- filed life in a world where perfection can only be found in God’s loving vision for you”.


Here is where I believe your spiritual growth will flourish by reading this book.

1            Finding Your Identity – help for finding God’s best version of you.

2            Flow With The Spirit – find out how you grow.

3            Renew Your Mind – think great thoughts and feed your mind with excellence.

4            Redeeming Your Time – learn how to stay in the flow of God’s Spirit.

5            Deepening Your Relationships – make life-giving relationships a priority.

6            Transform Your Experience – define your job or career differently

7            Flowing From Here On Out – learn to face challenges and work through them


One of the many things the book did for me was layout an understanding of learning styles. Many guys I know do not read. However, I did not know we all have a love of learning. We all crave intimacy with God – we just get there on different paths!


The key for accepting, helping and serving others to grow is by understanding differences. We all think what works best for us should work for others. It doesn’t.


Don’t miss out on appreciating unique ways to connect to God and others. For instance auditory learners learn best by hearing- conversations, CD’s, Podcasts and talks. Tactile learners like my son Adam, learn by doing. It’s one thing to know this. The book helps take it from your head to your heart, the chapel where God lives. It’s the key to unlocking your heart to knowing that what works for someone else will not work for you.


Disciples are custom made they are not mass produced. This book helps you understand this.


The Me I Want To Be will change your negative attitude, heal any wound, encourage you to live the abundant life of Jesus, and set you free to become the person God calls you to be.


Attitude            What is your attitude to spiritual growth?


Action                Order The Me I Want To Be and listen to or read how you can see spiritual growth differently.


Question           Are you taking responsibility for your own spiritual development?


Resource           The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg

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